From left to right, Tony Bowman, Regional Development Officer; Russ Ezzy, Team Leader of the Sustainable Yarraman Project; Councillor Megan O’Hara Sullivan, Chair of the Economic Development Committee; Councillor Paul Antonio, Mayor of Toowoomba Regional Council discussing the Sustainable Yarraman Project.

The Sustainable Yarraman Project is an initiative of the Yarraman Business Group that is aimed at increasing employment in our village by providing care for the handicapped, disabled, and elderly. We aim to keep these people in our community by encouraging the establishment of Yarraman based support businesses and facilities. This will avoid the problem of these people having to relocate to find the assistance they need while leaving all their support networks, family, and familiar people and places behind.

We recently had a very positive meeting with Mayor Paul, Councillor Megan, and staff where we were assured that Toowoomba Regional Council would start proceedings to facilitate offering substantial incentives to businesses in this category to open in Yarraman.

If you know anyone in the caring line of business, please bring this to their attention. We need all the help we can get.